How To Get Rid Of Depigmentation And Sun Burns

Pigmentation is the colouring of your skin. Disorders of pigmentation can affect your skin colour. Usually the colour of your skin comes from a pigment named “melanin”. In the skin there are special cells which make melanin. If these cells become unhealthy or gets damaged it can have aneffect on the production of melanin. There are several factors which affect the pigmentation of your skin. Sun can be one of them; too much exposure to sun makes depigmentation in human skin.

Problems with pigmentation

Issues with pigmentation disorders are not uncommon. There are some well-known situations such as Melasma and solar lentigines. Melasma is a situation where dark and discoloured patches occur on one’s skin. It can make your skin seem darker than the usual colour. Solar lentigines on the other hand occur due to exposure to Sun. Hence it mainly could be seen in the areas which are exposed to the sun, mainly face and arms. Melasma occurs in females aged between 20 and Menopause but solar lentigines could occur after exposure to sun, in both men and women to the same extent. That is one reason why you are advised not to go in the sun if it could be helped and also use skin rejuvenation Malvern methods if you have to be in the out at all times.


Depigmentation and hyperpigmentation both are issued with skin discolouring. However as with Melasma, for hyperpigmentation also, there are various treatment options. Hyperpigmentationcan happen due to solar exposure. Prevention is the best cure; start from the early ages, when you are a child, and remember to carry it to adulthood. Always use sun block and wear protective clothing. Use a sunscreen when and if possible. Once the skin is darkened due to hyper or depigmentation, the goal of the treatments would be to try and lessen the darkened areas or patches on your skin. It may return to the original status but it may not so, too. So always try to not to go outside when sun is out without your trusted sun block cream. The topical ointments are used commonly for both melasma and solar lentigines.

Importance of a clear skin

You are a lucky and a beautiful being if not only the face but also the rest of the body has a clear skin. People use proper laser hair removal to make the skin look supple and attractive but afterwards it must be taken care so that depigmentation does not occur due to exposure or otherwise.Clear and healthy skin is not onlya cosmetic requirement, it is the key to having a vigorous lifestyle as well. Intake of water also can affect the wellbeing of the skin.